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How does Pi Kappa Phi Nationals Help Us?

The National Fraternity provides members with a unique collegiate experience by providing the following:


Student Experience

Foster a deeper sense of belonging to the Fraternity among a greater number of students.


Alumni Engagement

Promote the relevance of the Fraternity beyond the student experience and encourage continued engagement with Pi Kappa Phi throughout our members’ lives.



Maintain our position as a top 10 fraternity in the number of chapters and the number of undergraduate members.


Chapter Quality & Support

Enhance overall chapter quality while improving business systems that support chapter success and local financial integrity.


Branding & Communication

Inspire action and engagement by promoting the opportunities and collective successes of the Fraternity.



Create a sustainable and affordable experience for our members.



Strengthen the global governance model.

National Programs

Pi Kappa Phi Nationals provides a multitude of ways to assist brothers and their endeavors as fraternity men. Below are some examples.

Pi Kapp Kappa Phi Frat College for Emerging Leaders

Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders

Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders is a transformational, six-day leadership development experience that empowers participants to create the ideal chapter. The experience is targeted toward rising sophomores and juniors, and participants must apply to attend. Faculty members are leading professionals in higher education, including alumni and friends of the fraternity. Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders has proven to be one of the fraternity's most impactful and most enduring leadership experiences. Since 2015, 86% of all program graduates have gone on to hold leadership positions in their chapters or campus communities.

UConn Pi Kapp Kappa Phi Executive Board

Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

As Pi Kappa Phi’s officer training institute, Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers prepares newly elected, re-elected officers and key committee chairmen for their roles as leaders of their chapter. Each year Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers is held in early January at six regional locations: Springfield, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and Dallas, Texas.

Pi Kapp Kappa Phi Frat University of Alabama House

Pi Kapp Properties

Pi Kappa Phi Properties provides resources and education for existing members related to managing a house. Having responsible, honest leaders with excellent problem-solving skills is crucial to building a safe and healthy living environment.

National Founding

Our founding was certainly not without setbacks. In fact, Pi Kappa Phi was originally founded as Nu Phi, which stood for “non-fraternity.” Our founders, disillusioned with campus politics being run exclusively by fraternities, created Nu Phi as a means to attain leadership roles within the Chrestomathic Literary Society. However, the attempt to seize control of the Society was thwarted when some of the Nu Phis proved to be disloyal. The loyal Nu Phis regrouped, and on the evening of December 10, 1904, the seven remaining men created a new group—to be known as Pi Kappa Phi.
To this day, Pi Kappa Phi embraces its Nu Phi heritage. It manifests itself in various ways and emboldens us as Pi Kappa Phis to confront issues with fresh, new approaches.

Pi Kapp Kappa Phi Frat Founding Fathers
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